LB - Coil fed laser blanking line

The advantages of laser cutting applied to sheet metal coils
fiber laser cutting from coil - laser blanking DANOBAT
laser cutting machine fed from coil - laser blanking DANOBAT
fiber laser cutting from coil - laser blanking DANOBAT
laser cutting from coil - laser blanking DANOBAT
laser cutting fed from coil - laser blanking DANOBAT

The DANOBAT LB laser blanking system combines a fiber laser cutting machine with an automatic metal coil feeding system resulting in an efficient coil fed laser cutting solution.

The LB machine cuts parts automatically and continuously, making the production process more efficient. The LB laser blanking line offers many advantages thanks to its use of a coil, such as savings on raw material due to its better use of sheet metal, consistent work rates and a lower cost per part.

Laser blanking technology reduces power consumption compared to its alternatives, such as press lines and results more efficient and flexible.

A tailor-made solution for each application

Reduction in costs thanks to the use of a coil feeding system.

Maximum flexibility in the laser cutting process





Working area



Laser source



Source power


2 - 6

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Adaptative expanding gap system created by Danobat increases efficiency and opens new possibilities to the production with DANOBAT LB laser blanking systems.

Clean part extraction and remnant automatic cutting and sorting are just two examples of the multiple benefits that this device provides.


Multimple heads to improve laser cutting effectiveness

Multiple heads

The workload is distributed between the various heads, thus increasing productivity rates and making the cutting process more efficient.

Multiple heads can be integrated.

Automation and sorting of the finished part in a blanking line machine

Automation and sorting of the finished part

The LB blanking system allows the automatic sorting of the finished parts without any operator intervention. The whole process is controlled by a latest generation management software.

DANOBAT offers multiple possibilities for automation and separation of parts.

Integration in flexible line of a coil fed laser cutting machine

Integration in flexible line

Comprehensive solutions that combine laser blanking process with different bending solutions to obtain parts with a greater added value and reduce production processes.

From raw material to product finished in a single system.