ADMP® - Composites


ADMP® (Automated Dry Material Placement) is a DANOBAT proprietary technology.

ADMP®  deposits DRY multiaxial material, or in essence, any type of fibre or dry multiaxial fabric: Tape, NCF, Woven, etc.

Depending on the requirements of the final application, ADMP® is a technology capable of working with different widths from 100 mm up to 2 metres or more. The deposited material may have a constant width or may follow a pattern previously cut to the final dimensions required by the application. A single end-effector is capable of operating with all this diversity of materials as far as typology of material/fibres is concerned as well as dimensions of coil and geometry of patterns.

The ADMP® technology provides preforms with improved quality, higher productivity and throughput at reduced labour cost.
This disruptive technology is the result of a close collaboration with our customers who are market leaders in the aerospace industry and wind energy sector, where each specific application requires a cell configuration customised to the customer specifications.

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